Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Words and Music and Feelings

Music has always been an important part of my life.

It really is a big influence in the world when you think about it.

Music has the power to evoke so many emotions in people.  

From happiness to sadness and a myriad of emotions in between.

I really can't say there isn't a genre of music I DON'T like.  Oh sure, there are certain types where I prefer that, but then comes along a song in another type of genre that I do like. 

Back in my high school and beyond days, I would go to dance clubs (Florentine Gardens, The Palace, Club 21, Marilyns, Network, 321, Seven Seas,) and clubs in Hollywood and L.A. to listen to bands (i.e. The Roxy, Whiskey A Go Go, The Troubadour, Gazarri's, The Country Club - In Reseda).   And this happened pretty much EVERY weekend.

I always enjoyed going to clubs, whether it was listening to bands, or dancing to music or both.

I also envied those who could play a musical instrument.  My dear friend, Stacy, who came from a musical family background, knew how to play the piano and the drums.  Hey, I played the clarinet in 3rd grade, does that count?  LOL!

My actual earliest memory of a song I remember was when I was 4 years old and my mom had taken me with her to a motocross event (back then when it was just me and her, she partied and went places.  Hard to imagine that, huh?) and I remember Chicago's "Saturday in the Park" playing.   When I hear that song, I always revert back to that time and place.

In the 70's there was my first "teen idol" crush, with Andy Gibb and Shawn Cassidy.  And, of course, let us not forget disco music.  I had a "disco dance contest" at one of my slumber parties.  Yes, don't laugh, I still love disco. *grin*

In high school I had posters of bands and artists all over my walls in my room.  I was always on the lookout for the not "common" posters, but ones of early days of the artists.   In fact, I had a Madonna poster that apparently is so rare, I can't even find it on the web to show you! (Damn, I knew I should have kept it......)

In high school, I also made a vow to stay current with the current trends of music when I had kids, and I have kept that vow.

Normally these days when I go out and dance, it's the current dance music, but last weekend I went to a club where they had Reggae Music playing and I had such a good time! 

Back when I was growing up it was 8-tracks, cassettes and records (yes I still have my purple 12" Purple Rain record), and now it's CD's and mostly mp3's, but no matter how the music is produced to listen to, I will always have it be a part of my life.


  1. Music is the rhythm of your soul!

  2. You have rock bands on your wall, I had surfers and Teenbeat heart throbs.

    Fun post Tina!

    PS: you should remove your word verification. It's annoying. Trust me, you won't get a ton of spam.