Monday, August 20, 2012

Giving and Paying it Forward

Last year I was at a point in my life where I wanted to move forward with my creative endeavors, but I was unsure where to start.  Where to go.  What to do. A dear friend of mine, Stacy, highly encouraged me to take this e-course from Kelly Rae Roberts.   She said it would help me so much and change my life.   She was SO right!!  During this e-course I was able to figure out what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it.   I wanted to pursue my photography.   But I also wanted to pursue my crocheting skills as well.  This course helped to give me the direction of which way to go.   And lo and behold, I am actually doing both!

The result of taking this e-course was this; a wealth of information and even more valuable, was the group of women who were signed up as well, who have become so near and dear to me in my life.   We call ourselves "Fly Tribe"   We have a blog specifically for our group with links to all who want to participate when we have a "Blog Hop".   A beautiful creator, Renee Burke even created necklaces for our group and I wear mine all the time.  It helps to give me strength, because when I wear it, I know that we have an amazing group that help and support each other in each of our endeavors.  We also have many other collaborations going as well!

So as the 1 year anniversary of our tribe being created was coming up, we all wanted to do something to celebrate our tribe, and we decided to give back.  To give forward, if you will.   So our group decided to donate any amount we could, to pool our money together and to give away a spot in Kelly Rae Roberts 2012 Flying Lessons e-course.  And this just happened to be the LAST TIME she would ever offer this course.  We told Kelly Rae of our intent.  And she said the she would match, dollar for dollar towards giving away spots in her e-course.  We also asked the group from 2010 if they wanted to participate as well.   

Imagine our surprise, when, at the cutoff date of this past Friday, August 17th, we had collected enough for not just 1 class, but EIGHT classes!!!!!!!!!!!   And with Kelly Rae Roberts matching dollar for dollar, that meant that there are SIXTEEN SPOTS available!  

We believe in this class so much that we want to share it with others!

So please head on over to our Fly Tribe blog and enter for your chance to win one of these lucrative spots!!

And while you are there, take a look at our Fly Tribe members' blogs and see the creative bunch that we are!!