Monday, February 28, 2011


OM SHANTI necklace from
As most of you know, who know me, know that I have been going through a lot lately.

And most of the time, I think I am handling it very well.

I see a therapist, and have been seeing her for years.  Yes, I will admit it.  No, I'm not crazy.  I went through a phase in my life, after my mom died, of extreme anxiety and panic attacks.  She helped me.  She helped me get back to me.

And now, with all the other things I've got going on in my life, she helps ME to see who I am and how to help get through it.

Anyway.  back to ME.

So, while 90% of the time, I handle things very well now, there is always that 10% where I get all emotional.

I told a friend one time that sometimes I hated being a girl, because I get emotional and cry sometimes. There was a period of time in my life where I felt numb.  And I actually liked feeling that way.  It was sort of a protective barrier for me, if you will.

Thank goodness for my friends though.  They are the best.

The necklace you see pictured above is made by one of my dear friends.  Her store is located here:

This necklace was one that I had been looking at for a long time off and on.  I finally realized it was something that I wanted to have.  See, the thing is, with her necklaces, at least for me, give me strength in a way, if you want to call it that.  Words can be a powerful thing.  And even just ONE word can just BE, that.

So it was fate, if you want to call it that, that this necklace arrived in my mailbox today.  When I think I needed it the most.

I was having a rough day emotionally (like I said, most of the time I am JUST FINE, but now and then, it just gets to me) and when I came home for lunch and saw it in my mailbox I got giddy.  Because it was something for me to remind me to just BE.  Here is her description of the necklace:

"Om is the sound in which all other sounds are formed. Shanti is Sanskrit for Peace. This necklace was created as a reminder to cultivate peace through words and actions in mind, body and soul; to bring peace with us rather than leave it behind and practice simply being as well as send these blessings to other"

I immediately put the necklace on and fingered it, like I do with all my necklaces that I wear.  It was a reminder to me to just "BE"  To calm down, and realize that life will happen, and I can freak out about it or I can just calm down, relax and just be ME.

I will be posting about other necklaces I have from her, as they each have special meaning to me and are a reminder to me of how I choose to feel at that moment.

Because let's face it.  We all have feelings and we all need to be able to express them.  Don't you agree?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Welcome to Me

I have started many other blogs.

Blogs with the best of intentions to continue and flourish.

Blogs that never went anywhere.

I'm hoping that this one will not be like all my others.

That this one, I will continue to post and learn from.

Because my past blog, I look back and see so much that I went through.

So much that I have learned.

So much still to learn.

So,  here I go.