Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pin Up Photo Shoot

Back in high school I would admire all the Guess ads that were in all the magazines and loved the way they looked in black and white, with the classic "pin up" look. I would tear them out of the magazines and tape them up on my wall (along with all my other posters I had)

I had always loved the classic 1950's Pin Up posters as well.

I'd always been interested in doing a photo shoot like that, but never had the guts to approach any of my friends to dress up and allow me to photograph them.

Imagine my surprise and delight when I was approached by someone asking me to do a Pin Up Photo Shoot!

I eagerly accepted!

The photo shoot itself, went well.   Processing and editing the photos?  Well, now that too a LOT more time and energy.

I had a vision in my head of how I wanted the final product to look like in Photoshop.  I tried many different techniques, to no avail.

Then I did a google search and, lo and behold, I found a Photoshop Pin Up Tutorial!

And the result was this:

Once I had the look I wanted, I then experimented with other photoshop techniques and came up with this black and white one:

I like it because it looks like it was actually taken in the 1950's.

And then I was having fun with the different effects I was able to achieve using Photoshop Actions.

I don't always like to do the traditional poses and like to get a little off center, only show part of the face, just a little different.

She was a fabulous model for me and I was so privileged to do this photo shoot for her.

Oh!  And I can't forget the car that was loaned to her for the photo shoot too!


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I learned so much with this photo shoot, mostly with Photoshop and my love for the program has only deepened, as well as my love for photography.


  1. I absolutely love these!! Well done you! I suspect you will have many more requests for pin-up photos from here on. Congratulations!!

  2. There are FANTASTIC!!! What a fun idea and your shots captured this look perfectly!

  3. I love partial face shots as well! Great job.