Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I've Come A Long Way Baby......

.....So Far......

I had lunch with a dear friend the other day and she reminded me of a lot of things.

The number one thing?  How far I've come in a year's time.

This time last year I was contemplating a major life decision.   Something that I did NOT enter into lightly.  As she reminded me, we "Taurus people", do not do anything lightly.  We think about it, we analyze it into the ground. We think of all the different scenarios that could possibly happen with each event we plan, or each decision we make.

So while it was a hard decision, it was the right one.

I remember last year talking with her and another friend about it in the mornings (as well as some family members and a few other close friends) and they both reminded me that I am a strong person and I can and will get through it.

And while some things have not turned out exactly how I would have liked them too,  that's not to say that it still can't happen.

My house......I was telling my friend how I'm almost done with the living room and she reminded me that last year around this time, I had done NOTHING with it yet.  So yes, I can definitely see progress in that.  I know there are other things I want to do with it and I will get them done, in time.

Photography.......That, I feel, will come in time, when I am able to devote more time to it and slowly build up my portfolio.

Coronado Orange......My etsy shop.  Sadly it has severely suffered and I have not created anything to sell in a couple of years.  I do have plans in the works and have ideas of what I want to create to reopen it hopefully by the fall.

Bookkeeping.......My goal is to be an bookkeeper to a few exclusive clients.  I don't want to spread myself too thin and not be able to give them the quality that they deserve.  I have one client right now, with a potential of another one soon.

My girls.......I know this has been hard on my girls.  It's never easy on anyone.  I try to keep as much of a routine with them as possible and, after a year, I feel they really do seem to be settling down.  I know that a lot of anxiety that used to be there is no longer there, which does reiterate the fact that the decision was a good one to make.

My life.......I just keep smiling. :)

While there have obviously been a few bumps in the road, I am overcoming them, I am learning from them and working on learning to take those bumps in the road with better clarity.

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