Wednesday, November 23, 2011

'Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving....

Here's a little story, or shall we say....a Rememberance. *grin*

'Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving
It was 1983
My two friends and I hung out
With a couple of boys, maybe there was three.

We were driving around Burbank
In some kind of car
I don't remember what kind it was
But the speed was up to par.

The cops pulled us over
The boy who was driving went too fast
He also did an illegal U-turn
I wonder if that was ever his last.

We all had to get out of the car
They made us sit on the side of the road
I don't remember why now
But back then, I'm sure we were told.

Of course on that night
While sitting there waiting
1/2 the high school drove by
We were definitely hating.

After some time we were finally free
But they only let the boys go home
They took me and my friends to the station
So we could call our parents on the phone.

They said they were worried about our safety
And would only release us to our guardians
So my mom had to come get me
She said it was the first time ever at the police station.

A year then went by
And my two friends and I again went out
This time we went dancing and I drove
The freeway was my route.

We had lots of fun that night
And met some boys while we were there.
Then the time came to go home
Are you still following you care?

While getting on the freeway
I noticed the oil light came on
I was very new to driving
I had no idea that the oil would soon be gone.

I tried to catch up to the boys we had met
But like the other boys, they went really fast
And soon, very soon
The oil didn't last.

I was able to get off the freeway
And pull to the side
But by that time it was over
The car up and died.

Once again my mom was called
My friend's parents had to come instead
They took us home that night
But by then the engine was basically lead.

So what's the reason
For this little story?
No reason at all
Just a little something to enjoy.

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