Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Senior Night and Pictures

I was hired to capture "Senior Night" at the local high school for one of the Senior girls.  She has been playing volleyball her whole high school career and this was the night to celebrate the wonderful talent of the Senior girls on the volleyball team.

She is a joy to photograph.

 She has such a joyful spirit and sense of pride for her team, as you can see here.

I do love sports photography, as it's the thrill of getting that one shot.

During most of my photo shoots, I will almost always find objects that I love to photograph as well, that may or may not relate/

I happened to see one of the bouquets of flowers that were given to the Senior High Girls that night and I wanted to capture the abundance of red roses that were before me.

Photography is a love I have been enamored with since I was a pre-teen, taking pictures of my Barbies.

It is a love I want to build on and learn with.


  1. Awesome action photos! I'm impressed, but I've tried it without much success! Roses are beautiful, too.

  2. I heart action shots AND roses so I was glad I visited today!! Thanks for posting!!

  3. I love photography! Great shots of her playing volleyball:) I also love taking pics of flowers myself--beautiful abundance of roses.