Friday, October 28, 2011

Starbucks and a Friend

taken with iphone hisptamatic

Up until early this year, I had never really drank coffee.


I never liked it.

And actually, I still don't.

But I do drink espresso.

In Mochas.

And Frappuccinos.

So this morning I went to get my Friday Frappuccino.

And hoping to run into one of my dear friends.

And I did.

And so we stood and talked.

For like a half hour.

And I enjoyed it.

I've known her for over 12 years.

And I tell her just about everything.

And she listens.

She knows me.

And if I change my mind and decide to do something else after I told her I was going to do one thing, she says, "Well, it's your choice".

And she's right.

It is my choice.

She doesn't judge me.

And I like that.

And she still laughs at me for drinking espresso now.

Because I told her I would never do that.

But I changed my mind.

It's my choice.


  1. It is your choice! And yes, it still makes me laugh every time I think about it! I was so happy to see you this morning! I will always listen to you and not judge. You know in your heart what you want, and someday you WILL find it! Love ya...