Friday, April 15, 2011

Lizards and Crickets


I HATE lizards.

A few years ago there was one in my house and I had to have my friend come over at get it for me.  And it was a BABY lizard.


So yesterday, I was leaving to go out for a bit and I go to open up my screen door and there is a lizard ON my screen door.  And I'm thinking, "Okay, it's on the outside, I'm freaking out a little bit, but I can handle this".'s on the INSIDE of my screen door.   AND my front door is OPEN, meaning it's IN my house!  ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::SHUDDER:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::.

So what do I do?  I slam the front door!  No way in hell am I taking a chance on having that thing come in MY house!  I'm getting the willies just thinking about it!  

Now, mind you I do have a dog and a cat, but the cat would probably just scare it in a corner or something and I'd never get the thing out of my house.

So I went out the back door, walked around to the front of the house, unlock the screen open up the screen door and the damn thing still would NOT. GET. OFF. MY. SCREENDOOR.

Now what.......

I found a pushbroom and got it off that way and prayed to god that it would leave the area by the time I got back.


Thankfully it did.



Crickets give me the willies too.  They hop for crying out loud!  BLECH!

Back when my mom was alive and I was living with her for a bit, we had a problem with crickets in the house.  Me and my sister both can't stand them.   So everytime we saw one in the house, we would get the phone book and just drop it on the crickets.  Killed 'em right quick.

Then we would wait for our mom to get home so she could get them from underneath the phonebooks.

I'm not joking.

They freaked us out THAT much.

Now................when it comes to spiders?  Yes, I don't like them either, but I have learned to kill them myself.  Depending on what they are.

Some, I actually just leave alone.  They help me kill other bugs.

Which is a very good thing for me.

Because I can't stand bugs.

They bug me.  

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  1. Tina... I don't like any kind of bug!!!! When Chip was 4 there was a cricket in my silverware drawer and I had my 4 year old baby "go get it"; if Chip was not around I'd call Grandma...
    It's the spiders that I do not like... no matter what size.. if no one is around to "get it " for me,I get out the vacuum and then worry that it will crawl out of the filter and come and get me....I think I told you about the time in 1980 when I ran from an "invisible spider"!!! We had just moved into our new home and we were having the family over for dinner. I was cleaning up the patio when I saw a WEB with a spider in it!!!! Well,as you probably know,water will now knock down a spider web so I took my trusty broom and torn down the web and beat the crap out of the spider..later on in the day I was washing windows and had to climb up on a stool to wash the windows;there was a big bush in front of the window and when I was done with the window I thought about the spider!!! and just knew that he had relatives that were gonna get me,so instead of getting down from the stool and walking thru the bushes I jumped over the bush and landed on the top of my foot... well,it hurt but I had company coming and I had to clean my house.When my family arrived I was the perfect little hostess & when I finally sat down, my foot cried out 'IT HURTS'!!!! I went to the ER and found out the next day that I had torn ligaments and was in a cast for 6 weeks... and you know what was my right foot... the same one that,last year while walking,I tripped on a speed bump and broke my ankle..I don't know about lizards;the only ones that I come in contact with are the the geckos here in Hawaii... They pretty much stay away from us humans and that's ok as long as they eat all of the "yucky" bugs that are Hawaii (but that is a whole different story for another time!!!!