Wednesday, June 27, 2012

100 Steps

I am currently taking an e-course right now and our first assignment was to do a "100 Step Walk".  Now, I have done this before, last year I think.  When I did it back then, it was a way for me to work on looking past the obvious and finding beauty where ever I stopped.   This assignment is along the same lines, however it is dealing with so much more.

This time I did it, it came out similar, yet different.  Part of the path I walked was the same, but most of it was a different way I walked in my neighborhood.

I'm walking and I see things, and I'm like, "this would be a great picture to take!"  But I was only on Step 50, or 70.   And then I get to step 100 and I look around and what do I see at first?  Nothing.  Nothing that would catch my eye.   So that would force my head to look around.  Look even deeper at my surroundings.  

Instead of looking for that pretty flower, or lawn art, or cool looking car, I had to look more at angles and the scenery in which I was given, at that moment and figure out how I could take a picture of it and make it look interesting.  (At least in my point of view).   

So while, some were easy, some were difficult. 

This one was fairly easy for me, when I stopped at 100, I immediately saw the tire swing in the front yard.  And while this house is only 3 houses away from me, I never really noticed the tire swing.  This reminds me of being a kid and just playing.

At my 2nd stop, I looked around and honestly, I didn't see anything, but then my daughter's shoes caught my eye.  She loves these shoes.  Glittery pink high tops.  A girly spin on a boy's shoe.

The first of quite a few intersections I happen to STOP at.   Well, if I must stop here, I might as well showcase it.......

It's always interesting when you look at something from a different point of view.

Ahhh.....I finally got to stop at a place where flowers were!  I have always loved flowers and having the late day sun peek through these was quite stunning.

Another stopping point where all I saw was dead grass (with the rising cost of water, not everyone cares to keep their lawn watered in the summertime).   So I looked down and knelt down and I saw the curvature of the street at the curbline.

I actually was taking a picture of the piece of carpet in the street at this angle, but when the final picture was revealed it was more of looking at the scenery of the houses on the hill, the cars parked in the driveway, with my daughter's legs framing them.  Here we could say this was taken from an ant's point of view?

Next stop:  Behind a truck.  So this one is more about a depth of perception.

I tried my best to get the spiderwebs better in this picture, but it almost looks like you are hiding behind a bush ready to peer out and see what's there.

Don't you just love the colors of this plant with the green framing it down below?

And yet another stopping point.  A yard full of rocks.  Yes, just rocks. (at least they don't have to worry about watering)  But rocks have depth to them.  And a rock can be a foundation of some sorts too.  Hmmmm......

If you look left to right and you don't see anything, why not try looking up?  Notice the texture on the telephone pole.

Look who was barking at us while we were walking

Another time to look up and look at interesting angles.  When I looked up this is exactly what I saw.

These flags surround a tree in this yard.

I knelt down to take a picture of the crack in the street and my daughter decided to kneel down at the last minute and get in the picture. :)

At this current stop, I stopped at this wooden mailbox.  Notice how shiny the wood is.......

At my last 100 Steps stop.   Ivy, which grows so fast, but flowers blooming in with all the brush.....

So there you have it.   My point of view from a calming, fun walk with my youngest daughter.


  1. oh wow. i love your view. this is really really amazing. amazing.

  2. Your daughter looks like she is having a great time too.
    I say you had a very interesting walk.It is even more interesting to see things at different angles and perspectives.

  3. dang gurl.....those are some amazing shots and I love how you took a photo of something but discovered something altogether different in the photo! you rock!!!

  4. love it!
    explain the 100 steps- do you take 100 steps and then stand there to take the photos, or do you take 100 steps and then keep moving forward, taking pictures?
    :-) k

    1. You had it right the first time Kristy, you go 100 steps and then stop and photograph what is right there. It's a good exercise too to get you to see beyond what you think is right there.