Sunday, August 28, 2011

Turning the Corner

This past week I made a decision.

What should I focus on...

Would it be crocheting?



All three I love with a passion.

But as my daughter and friend/mentor told me.....I need to pick one.

That doesn't mean I have to abandon the others.

It just means I have to put my main focus on one passion and run with it.

I need to own that passion.

Show that passion.

Live that passion.

A few events came into play this past week to render my decision.

I was commissioned for some work with this passion.

I was introduced to another fellow artist by a longtime friend of mine, and this was without her knowing what decision I had made.

I was "friended" by two fellow artists on Google+ who chose the same passion I am choosing.

A friend encouraged me to enter a blog contest.

All of these events happened within a week of each other.


Or were they signs telling me what was in my heart all along?

However you look at it.

I chose it.

I chose photography.

I know I have a long way to go to find my niche in the photography world.

But it's what I love.

It's a passion that I rekindled a couple of years ago, with many possibilities.  I was making contacts.

A passion that I had to put on hold for a little while.

But no more.

I'm back.

And it's what I love to do.

And I can't wait to keep rekindling that passion as I keep pushing forward.

Stay tuned......


  1. Good for you, Tina! And you said it well!

  2. I just 'chose' photography a couple of weeks ago, signed up for a diploma and haven't looked back! It's tough and challenging but I know it's the right choice for me and I'm loving it! Only good things ahead for you x

  3. Do you feel free now? Do you feel a weight lifted- like- whoo- I made the right decision. I send you good energy in your pursuits! Have a great week!-Kelly

  4. ...hooray! fly! i can't settle on one. yet. i'm listening...

  5. Congrats. And good camera choice. I am a cannon girl too. Check out Darrah Parker, Slice of Life Tuesday. She's awesome.

  6. What a great post! It is so exciting that you have settled on photography - your pics are wonderful and I am looking forward to checking back often to see even more.

  7. I agree it can be difficult deciding on which creative path to follow. I see it mentioned frequently in our fliers facebook group. I've learned over the years to let my inner voice guide me, even when the outer voice wants to argue back. (and believe me it does!) When things happen back to back to back in unexpected ways, it usually is a sign of what is meant to be. I have learned to trust those signs with all my being because I know the universe is handing me a gift. So happy to hear you found your path. It can be the toughest part of the journey. Now all you have to do is focus on your art. Congratulations!

  8. Congratulations! It is amazing what the universe tells us when we listen. It is so excited to find and choose what makes your soul fly.

  9. I'm so happy you didn't pick crocheting. :) Just saying....

  10. By the way ... love the photo you chose for this blog entry. Did you take that?

  11. Congrats!!! I think several of your Fellow Flyers have many interests, myself included~I feared that I would have to abandon one interest if I focused on only one but many helpful points of view have helped to calm me - -like you said I have to focus and can still play with the others!! xoxo Renee Burke

  12. HI Tina,
    Congrats on your decision, i LOVE photography, i KNOW its gonna be a lifelong passion, Happy Flying will love to see where your journey takes u, following u now.

  13. Thank you all SO much! I am embracing all of the love and support!!

  14. I will stay tuned! I am happy for you that you were able to choose..but how hard was that decision?? I need a sign!! Julie

  15. Julie.....I had so many signs pointing that way that I realized it was silly of me not to embark on that passion, that decision. And the thing was, was that it wasn't hard at all. It's a passion that I love, something I've wanted to do for a long time. And I didn't go looking for the signs either. They just showed up. Be gentle to yourself, live life, be happy and those signs WILL show up!